Why Men Who Are Dominant In Bed Have Better Sex Lives, More Pleasurable Orgasms & Higher Libidos Than Everyone Else (Scientifically Proven)

sexual satisfaction

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The whole “Me Too” movement and neo-feminism movement have changed a lot in our society.

These movements have fought against the mal- dominated industries, and they have been a champion for women to take charge of their own lives.

We are the ones in control of our future and the world can no longer be dominated by men.

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But you know a place that can be dominated by men? You know what they haven’t changed?

Men, be dominant in the bedroom. 

Men who practice BDSM have been shown to experience less stress than other men.

And on top of that, a new study shows men who practice dominant sex get more pleasure out of it too:

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Just because we want equal payout in the real world does not mean that we want you to stop f**king us three ways to Monday. There is a time and place for teamwork and togetherness, and there is a time and place for a woman wanting you to take complete control. 

Play nice outside, and be a beast in the bedroom.

Taking control in the bedroom can be super hot for your partner and turn your sex life up to the max.

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Bondage and Discipline, Dominance/Submission, and Sadism-Masochism (BDSM) has become a very popular sexual experience for many couples. What used to be just a weird part of porn has now become so mainstream, that Netflix has an entire show dedicated to it.

A recent study explored the psychological benefits to BDSM sexual interactions. It found that people who practice BDSM tend to be more comfortable with their sexuality, and they have better mental health than the general population.

The dominants are usually more satisfied than the submissives, regardless of gender. In addition, couples who were in a committed relationship were overall more satisfied than individuals just hooking up using BDSM.

The researchers of this study suggested that control and being versatile can increase your sexual health and satisfaction.

The submissives in this study remained at the level of sexual health and satisfaction of the general population.

You Don’t Need Whips & Chains to Start Experimenting With BDSM…

BDSM does not have to be a lifestyle. It is simply another option in your toolbox to pull out if you ever need it.

Being dominant in the bedroom comes in all shapes, sizes, and levels. You don’t always have to go the hardcore route. I’m not asking all you first timers to shove a dildo up your ass and eat your partner out from a sex swing.

There are so many little ways you can ease both yourself and your partner into the dominant/submissive sex style that fit easily into your normal routine.

Let’s talk about shower sex. Ohlala, I know.

Shower sex gets a bad rap for being too difficult and awkward and uncomfortable.

Yes, there is absolutely a wrong way to have sex in the shower, and a lot of what dominant positions you can perform in the shower are limited to the type of shower you have. However, there is always the good ole trusty shower wall no matter what type you have.

Here’s An Example of How to Show Off Your Dominant Side Using Something You Probably Already Have At Home…

I would also like to preface this with please clean your shower before you hook up in it. Your woman does not want to be thinking about all the grime and shavings stuck to your wall while you are pleasuring her. She will lose any want for intercourse and only be able to focus on how dirty your shower is. 

Now, you both are in the shower, very wet, very sexy. You start making out, it is getting hot and heavy real fast. Here is where you can insert a tiny bit of dominance just to get both your feet wet. (haha)

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Pick her up, please without slipping, and have her legs wrapped around your torso while you are inside of her. Then push her back up against a wall so she is supported and it takes some of the pressure off of you.

Again, do not drop her.

This is a great opening position into dominance because it allows you to have all of the control and it is still extremely hot for both of you. If your partner is scared by the conventional whips and leather of traditional BDSM, this is a great position to start in.

This position allows you to dictate the pace and depth and even where you are. You can carry her all the way back to your bedroom if you are strong enough.

That’s Not All…

Also, side note, it is sometimes way hotter if you just do it.

Don’t ask her if you can pick her up, just do it in one swift sweep. But, make sure you can handle her weight and also that your shower floor has enough traction.

I think you will find your partner will love this experience, and want more. 51 percent of the women mentioned in the BDSM study said that they wanted to be the submissive.

More woman than you think are turned on by BDSM. 😉

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Keep taking baby steps until you find a place where both of you are comfortable, and then you can decide together if you want to keep going down the BDSM road.

Again, this does not have to be a lifestyle choice, you can use BDSM to simply spice up the sex sometimes.

You don’t have to commit to anything, but if this is something you have been wanting to check out but you are afraid your partner won’t be okay with it, I think you will be shocked to hear her answer.

And if you still don’t believe me… just check this out:

sexual satisfaction

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Now the shower sex scenario I described above is just one (SUPER hot) example of how you can dominate a woman…

But obviously, not every time you have sex is going to be in the shower!

So when you’ve got a girl in bed with you.. (or on the couch, making out against the wall, etc.)…

There are a few other things you can do to show her your dominant side… and make her BEG you for more:

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These moves are great, because you can vary the degree of how rough and assertive you are…

For example, some women just like some light spanking… while other girls get off on being tied up, and spanked until they’re covered in bruises.

(I personally fall somewhere right around the middle)

Generally speaking though MOST women love being submissive, and most women like their sex at least a little rough…

But the simple fact is… (and sadly I can say this from personal experience)… most guys are too scared to break these moves out in bed… 🙁

So stop being scared, take the lead, and get a little rough!

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I know when I find a man who knows how to get rough in a good way, I am NOT letting him go without a fight… *grrrr* 😉

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